Trump election campaign: Putin is happy about my prosecution

Donald Trump wants to become president of the USA again. He doesn’t shy away from racist formulations.

Former US President Donald Trump suggested at a campaign event that the trials against him would help US political opponents.

“Even Vladimir Putin says that Biden’s – and this is a quote – politically motivated persecution of his political rival is very good for Russia because it shows the rot of the American political system, which then can no longer educate others about democracy,” Trump said in Durham, New Hampshire.

“We talk about democracy, but the whole world is watching the persecution of a political opponent, kicking his ass. It’s an impressive thing. And they’re all laughing at us,” Trump said. He repeatedly claims, without evidence, that Democratic President Joe Biden is directly behind the cases against him and is influencing investigators. Among other things, Trump has to answer for election and financial fraud in four criminal cases on 91 counts and in several civil cases.

Racist language

During the speech in New Hampshire, Trump also repeated some racist language. Immigrants from all over the world flocked to the United States. “You are poisoning the blood of our country,” he said, using a common language used by right-wing extremists. During another election campaign speech, he recently described his critics as “parasites”. Biden then described Trump’s choice of words as “language that was also heard in Nazi Germany.”

On January 23rd, New Hampshire will become the second US state in which Republican supporters want to choose their presidential candidate for the November election. A victory there and in the even earlier decision in Iowa will send a signal to the other states. Trump is clearly ahead in all polls.