Trump compares himself to Navalny – Biden is examining Russia sanctions

While US President Joe Biden railed against Putin after Navalny’s death, Donald Trump initially remained silent. Now he speaks out with a remarkable comparison.

After the death of Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny, US President Joe Biden is examining the possible imposition of new sanctions against Russia. “We are considering additional sanctions” against Russia, Biden said in an interview with reporters in Washington on Monday. In recent days he had assigned Russian head of state Vladimir Putin direct responsibility for Navalny’s sudden death in a penal colony.

Meanwhile, former US President Donald Trump also reacted to the death of the Russian opposition figure – albeit in an idiosyncratic way. The Republican did not express his condolences or criticize Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin. Rather, he made an absurd comparison on the platform he co-founded, Truth Social. “The sudden death of Alexei Navalny has made me more and more aware of what is happening in our country,” he wrote on Monday.

“It’s a slow, steady progression, with lying, radical left-wing politicians, prosecutors and judges leading us down a path of destruction.” Trump had already shared an opinion article over the weekend comparing the treatment of Trump in the USA with Putin’s treatment of Navalny. Trump wrote the headline of his post: “Biden:Trump::Putin:Navalny.”

While Trump remained silent, Biden and Haley railed

Trump has regularly made positive comments about Putin in the past and has also given the impression that he admires the Russian president. After Navalny’s death, he was initially noticeably silent.

His competitor Nikki Haley, who like the 77-year-old is running for the Republican presidential nomination, criticized him heavily for this. Trump must answer whether he believes that Putin is responsible for Navalny’s death, the 52-year-old demanded on US television on Sunday evening (local time). She had previously said: “Either he is on Putin’s side and thinks it’s cool that Putin killed one of his political opponents, or he doesn’t think it’s such a big deal. Both are worrying. Both are a problem.”

US President Joe Biden was very clear after Navalny’s death and blamed Putin for it. Although we don’t know exactly what happened, there is no doubt that Navalny’s death was a result of Putin’s actions and those of his criminals, Biden said on Friday in the White House. Putin poisoned Navalny, had him arrested and charged with trumped-up crimes and put him in solitary confinement. But none of this stopped Navalny from denouncing lies, even in prison.