Trump calls Biden a ‘sleeper’: Challenges him to another debate to ‘prove’ he can be president

Former US President Donald Trump on Tuesday challenged current President Joe Biden, to hold another debate “this very week” and to play a round of golfall this in front of a crowd that attended his campaign rally in Doral, in the state of Florida, where he once again took the opportunity to mock both Biden, for his performance in the debate, and the vice president, Kamala Harris.

“Let’s have another debate this week so sleepy Joe Biden can show everyone he has what it takes to be president. But this time it will be man to man, no moderators, no roadblocks. Just name the place, any time, any place,” he told his supporters.

In that sense, he has expressed that the “sleepy” Biden assured during the debate that he wanted compare his “skill and resilience” to Trump’s on a golf course, which is why he has asked to play a round on the course from which he was speaking, which is his property.

Trump has taken the opportunity to laugh at his way of hitting, and has offered him a ten-hit advantage, as well as assuring him that he would donate One million dollars to any organization chosen by Biden if he succeeds in defeating him.

“It will be one of the most watched sporting events in history, I’ll even give Joe Biden a ten-point lead. That means 20 strokes if you don’t play golf.“, Has expressed.

What did Trump say during his campaign rally in Doral?

Trump devoted a large part of his speech to criticizing the “hunt” he has been subjected to by the American justice system (he faces four legal proceedings) and even pointed out that the gangster Al Capone was less accused than he was, in addition to once again calling the accusations against him “electoral interference”.

Thousands of supporters gathered there, and despite the high temperatures, began to fill the place from the opening of the doors at 2:00 p.m. local time. They thunderously applauded each of the jokes he made at Biden’s expense.

If there is something that characterizes his followers, it is their effusiveness and this is how they expressed themselves in response to the promises that he already announced in previous rallies, including that of carrying out the “largest deportation in history“of the United States, or to stop the entry of terrorists.

“We are going to restore freedom of expression in our country,” he said in the midst of a practically apocalyptic description of the country, marked by the border, economic and social crisis after the “disaster” created by the Biden Administration, in his opinion “the worst president of the United States.”

He did not reveal the name of his presidential running mate, but during his speech he had words of praise for the senator from Florida Marco Rubioone of Trump’s possible picks to accompany him in his race for a second presidential term.

The Republican has another rally planned this week in Pennsylvania, a key state if you want to win the elections for the White House.

* With information from EFE