Trump brings out his most xenophobic side: He proposes ‘UFC-style’ tournament with ‘violent’ migrants

Former President Donald Trump attacked immigrants again this Saturday, whom he called “violent” and proposed that they should have their own fighting league, similar to the well-known UFC, which runs the mixed martial arts championship in the United States.

In front of a crowd in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), the Republican said that he had suggested to his friend Dana White, president of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship, in English), create a competition dedicated to immigrants with which he would earn “a lot of money.” .

“You are going to start a new migrant-only fighting league… and at the end of the year the migrant champion is going to fight your (UFC) champion, and I hate to tell you, Dana, I think the migrant is going to win. “They are that tough,” Trump said of his idea based on his rhetoric that newly arrived foreigners are violent.

As at other rallies, he referred to most migrants as “drug traffickers, gang members and murderers.”

The Republican once again used several cases in which the accused suspects are foreigners as a political battlehorse. He mentioned the murder this week of 12-year-old Jocelyn Nungaray in Houston, Texas, for which two Venezuelans were arrested and chargedwho recently entered the country.

“They crossed our border claiming that they feared for their lives in Venezuela, but you know, crime in Venezuela has gone down… because they have brought all the criminals (to the United States),” he speculated.

Trump also mentioned last Tuesday’s arrest of an Ecuadorian man accused of raping a 13-year-old girl in New York, and the recent charges against a Salvadoran man for the rape and murder of Rachel Morin, a mother of five. occurred in Maryland in August of last year.

As in 2016, Trump has used newcomers as part of his strategy to push their campaign accusing them of the country’s biggest problems. But unlike his first campaign, immigration this 2024 is one of the most important problems to be resolved for voters.

Again, he falsely accused them of taking the jobs of Americans, especially those of Latinos and African Americans.

Amid applause, the former president reiterated his plans to “begin the largest deportation operation in history of the United States” and to close the country’s southern border if he is re-elected.

Trump again criticized President Joe Biden, calling him corrupt and “the worst president in history.”

The foreseeable Republican candidate has focused his campaign on swing states like Pennsylvania which in 2020 lost by a little more than one percentage point.

This was the second event in which Trump participated this Saturday; in the morning he gave a speech in Washington at the meeting of the Faith and Freedom Coalition organization, which groups ultraconservative Christians.

Trump is preparing to face Biden in the first debate next Thursday, held at the headquarters of the cnn in Atlanta, the first of two televised face-to-face that will exist between the two candidates before the November 5 elections.

At the moment there is practically a tie between the two candidates. Biden is in the lead with 40.7 percent of voting intentions, according to the average of polls prepared by the FiveThirtyEight website, and Trump follows with 40.5 percent.