Trump: Biden will stay in the race for the White House

Former US President Donald Trump assumes that his successor Joe Biden will remain in the race for the White House. “It looks to me like he could very well stay (in the race),” Trump said on Monday (local time) in an interview with the conservative broadcaster Fox News. Biden has “an ego and he doesn’t want to quit,” the Republican continued in his first interview since the televised debate with Biden at the end of June.

Since his disastrous performance in the televised debate with Trump, Biden has been faced with an ever-growing debate in his Democratic Party about his mental suitability for the presidency. But he says he is “determined” to stay in the presidential race.

Trump said in the interview with Fox News that Biden looked “extremely pale” in the televised debate, “to put it nicely.” It was a strange debate, Biden’s answers “didn’t make much sense,” and Biden gave some “really bad answers.” “They weren’t even answers. They were just words strung together without any rhyme or reason.”