Trials: Trump: Prison would be fine for me

A jury found Trump guilty on all counts in the hush money trial. In the worst case scenario, he faces a prison sentence of up to four years. No problem for the 77-year-old?

Former US President Donald Trump says he would have no problem going to prison. “I'm OK with that,” Trump said in a TV interview on the show “Fox & Friends” on the right-wing TV channel Fox News – just days after his conviction in a hush money trial. The 77-year-old added, however, with regard to a possible prison sentence: “I don't think the public would let it go.”

Trump was asked how he would react to the fact that he faces prison time or house arrest following his conviction for concealing hush money to a porn star. He replied that one of his lawyers had said on television that you don't do “that sort of thing” to a former president – but that Trump had instructed him not to “beg” the judge.

Trump was found guilty of 34 charges by a jury in New York. Shortly after the verdict, Trump expressed his anger and repeated the accusation that the proceedings against him were purely politically motivated and manipulated. Judge Juan Merchan will announce the sentence on July 11. In the worst case scenario, Trump faces a prison sentence of up to four years. However, in the case of Trump, who has no previous convictions, it is more likely that the sentence will be suspended or that he will have to pay a fine.