Tourism model helps revitalize populated areas, experts say how

FirturNex, the FITUR Observatory that is dedicated to promoting good tourism practices in terms of sustainability, sponsored by Enrique Tomas, organized together aIdeas for Changereported a program full of presentations, conferences, round tables and a university workshop, in which the tourism project will be promoted.

Also, Enrique Tomás, the most important company in the world in the marketing of ham, will present its project with which, with this processed product, as a common denominator, it will offer sustainable experiences promoting Spanish culture, “respectful of nature and showing the beauty of the pastures, rural areas, the sustainability of its companies, art and the ancient work around gastronomy that gives so much good news to our country.”


*Wednesday, January 24

12:30 | Official opening and welcome

Dr. Daniela Freund, Member of the FiturNext Advisory Board and IQS Professor and Researcher

12:35 | Presentation ‘FiturNext 2024 Report: adopt what already works, keys to addressing challenges and generating value in tourism and achieving the revitalization of territories’.

Francisco Rodríguez, Ideas for Change

13:00 | Awards ceremony ‘FiturNext 2024 repeatable initiatives’

Delivery of diplomas to finalists and prizes to winners.

15:45 | Round table ‘Organizations for territorial revitalization’

Moderator: Javi Creus

They participate: Ana Abade, Booking; Ignacio Sanchís, Hispasat and Antonio Calvo Roy, Redeia

16:45 | Dialogue ‘Winning initiative’

Custody of the territory and nature tourism in Mas Blanco and San Agustín (Teruel), a success story.

They participate: Daniel Riera, mayor of San Agustín, Isabel San Juan, Recartographies, and Nuria Salvador, Recartographies

17:10 | Dialogue ‘Winning initiative’

Genalguacil Pueblo Museo: Art against depopulation, a success story

They participate: Miguel Ángel Herrera, mayor of Genalguacil and promoter of the GPM project and María José Rodríguez, 1st deputy mayor and Councilor for Culture of Genalguacil

17:35 | Dialogue ‘Winning initiative’

Camino del Cid, a journey into the interior

Participate: Javier Martín Olmos, manager of the local action group Tierras del Cid and Alberto Luque, manager of the Camino del Cid Consortium.

*Thursday, January 25

11:25 | Second day presentation

11:30 | Round table ‘Public policies with a depopulation perspective’

Moderate: Francisco Rodríguez, Ideas for Change

Participate: Francesc Boya Alós, general secretary for the Demographic Challenge; Jesús Alique, Commissioner of the Demographic Challenge of Castilla – La Mancha and Juan González Mellizo, head of communication at the European Commission Representation in Spain

12:15 | Round table ‘Local policies in depopulated territories’

Moderate: Francisco Rodríguez, Ideas for Change

They participate: Emma Buj Sánchez, mayor of Teruel; Miguel Ángel Herrera, mayor of Genalguacil and Daniel Riera, mayor of San Agustín

13:00 | Sponsor talk Enrique Tomás ‘País Jamón Tour by Enrique Tomàs’

16:00 | Day presentation

16:05 | Keynote ‘Tourism and Rural Development: The example of the Best Tourism Villages by UNWTO

Participates: Antonio López de Ávila, OMT (Best Tourism Villages)

16:20 | Keynote ‘Agritourism experiences, how to take advantage of opportunities between Tourism and the primary sector’

Participates: Enrique Martínez Marín, SEGITTUR

16:35 | Dialogue ‘Film tourism as a development strategy for Empty Spain. The vision of Turespaña and the Spain Film Commission’

They participate: Blanca Pérez-Sauquillo, Tourspain and Spain Film Commission

17:05 | Round table ‘Technology against depopulation’

Moderate: Isabel Benitez

They participate: Miguel Pérez Jiménez, mayor of Castril; Esther Rodríguez, My Street Book; Elena Rubio, Villa San Roque Tourism Innovation Center and Enrique Lara, Ok Located

17:45 | Conversation ‘How to generate value in your destination or company through the revitalization of the territory’

Open to the public.

*Friday, January 26

11:25 | Friday presentation

11:30 | Presentation ‘What’s next? Let’s talk about the FiturNext 2025 Challenge’

Participates: Francisco Rodríguez, Ideas for Change

12:15 | Dialogue ‘Challenge Winner 2023 – Regeneration, beyond sustainability’

Pending confirmation

Elsa Boloix, Ideas for Change

12:45 | Round Table ‘Cultural heritage in the face of depopulation’

Moderate: Sandra Campos, Ideas for Change

Participates: Serafina Buj, Opening towns by T-Guío; Ramón Recuero Ibáñez, School of Blacksmiths; César del Valle, ROM Exhibition Center and Julio César Pérez, Jachal Tierra Adentro

13:15 | Presentation ‘Rural tourism observatory 2023: trends and opportunities

Participate: Olivia Fontela, marketing director of EscapadaRural; Dr. Enric López, Professor and researcher, CETT-UB. Fundraising; Entrepreneurship and Awards and CETT Fundació

16:00 | Day presentation

16:05 | Round Table ‘Cultural roots for territorial revitalization’

Moderate: Alex Che, Malaga is World Cup

They participate: Juan José Manzano, Almanatura; Carolina Heredia, Mama Uma Travel; Agathe Daudibon, Eurovelo and Ernesto Pastor, Montañas Vacías.

*Saturday January 27

11:25 | Saturday presentation

11:30 | Workshop with universities

Participates: Smart Tourism Hub

13:30 | End of the day and closure of FiturNext 2024