They investigate a failure that left thousands of customers without mobile phone service

MIAMI.– The telephone service of the AT&T network presented a failure this Thursday morning that left thousands of users without telephone, text message and internet service, who reported the failures on social networks and on specialized portals.

According to the DownDetector portal More than 70,000 AT&T customers reported outages to the digital service tracking site. Although the figure is not exact regarding the failure, it gives a sample of the service interruptions reported by customers. The well-known SOS appears on the top of smartphones.

The outages began appearing just before 3:30 a.m. ET, according to a graph displayed on the website that tracks the service.

Around 10:30 am the service began to be gradually restored.

The majority of users, 55%, claim to have problems with mobile phone service. More than a third of customers who reported being affected say they have no signal at all, and 8% of users say their mobile Internet is not working.

At the time of writing the note, the graph of the monitoring portal continued to rise with more than 73 thousand people affected by the failures.

“We should get a stimulus check for this,” one man wrote on the website.

According to the portal, other companies that reported failures were Cricket with 13,670 incidents at the time; followed by Verizon with 4,332 and T-Mobile with 2,045.

“Verizon’s network is operating normally. Some customers experienced issues this morning when calling or texting customers served by another provider. “We continue to monitor the situation,” Verizon reported, according to an AP cable.

For its part, T-Mobile telephone service states that it did not experience any outages.

“Our network is operating normally. Down Detector likely reflects the challenges our customers had when trying to connect with users on other networks,” T-Mobile explained.

So far no reason has been given for the suspension of the service.

The CNN portal indicated that the AT&T company did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The company has been responding to customer complaints online, but has not yet acknowledged a network outage.

There is still no information about the reason for this failure, but it was unofficially known that an investigation was opened.

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