They go for Alejandro Mayorkas: They approve impeachment against US Secretary of Homeland Security

A week after an embarrassing defeat on the House floor, Republicans finally managed to pass two impeachments for the political dismissal of the Secretary of National Security of the United States, Alejandro Mayorkas, under the argument of what has allowed a policy of “open borders” with Mexico.

In a tight vote with 214 votes in favor and 213 againstthe Republicans of the Lower House turned the accusations over to the Senate for the start of an impeachment trial against the official, the first in more than 150 years for a cabinet memberbut its chances of approval are zero.

“Alejandro Mayorkas deserves to be impeached and Congress has a constitutional obligation to do so,” said House Speaker Mike Johnson.

What is Alejandro Mayorkas accused of?

The two accusations are: A deliberate and systematic refusal to comply with the law and breach of public trust for allegedly lying to Congress that the border with Mexico was secure.

Experts and jurists agree that the accusations against Mayorkas are political in naturesince the differences in the application of public policies do not correspond with the spirit of the constitutional requirements to initiate an impeachment trial.

“This impeachment undermines the bipartisan collaboration necessary to craft legislation that would ultimately achieve immigration reform,” reacted the president of the National Association of Latino Elected Officials (NALEO), Arturo Vargas.

On this occasion, the Republicans managed to approve the articles for the impeachment trial thanks to the fact that the number two in the Republican hierarchy in the House of Representatives, Steve Scalecei, returned to the plenary session after being absent due to cancer treatment.

On the other hand, the Democrats who voted against insisted that it was a political show put on by the Republicans to please Donald Trump and use the border issue politically in the November presidential elections.

“(Republicans) haven’t done anything competent to move forward, so they created a circus. Even his own people think it’s a joke,” said Mexican-American representative from Texas, Joaquín Castro.