They assure that Jimmy Butler intends to continue with the Heat

During the last few months, the high command of the Miami Heat has made it clear that the currency could face a restructuring of its roster soon, especially if the team fails to return to the top of the NBA with the current crop. One of the figures that fans assumed could be in danger of leaving the team was, undoubtedly, Jimmy Butler.

However, new reports indicate the opposite. Perhaps the Heat can give up some of their star players in the near future, but Butler's intention would be to remain in South Florida, at least for a while longer.

According to journalist Shams Charania of The Athletic, the player's current plan is to continue under the orders of coach Erik Spoelstra. For that to happen, the organization and Butler would still have to reach a monetary agreement and also determine the duration of the new agreement, but the club's fans can be calm for the moment knowing that the figure has no desire to leave.

“He clearly wants to be in Miami,” Charania said. “It's the perfect marriage.”

However, the reporter stated that both parties are not close to signing a new contract and that there is a doubt as to whether the Heat will be willing to pay Butler what he asks to continue as a member of the currency.

“The exchanges we are seeing are very interesting, but Jimmy has always made it clear that he wants to continue in Miami,” he explained. “The question will be whether they can pay him what he wants,” he added.

Undisputed impact on the Heat:

The Heat succumbed in the first round of the playoffs against the Boston Celtics, with Butler absent.

Much of the current hopes of Miami fans rest on Butler being able to remain with the team to lead future squads back to the top of the NBA.