The world in Mexico – El Financiero

One of the great advantages that the '4T' will have had, but, above all, the special and particular vision of President López Obrador, is that from beginning to end he maintained and put into practice his mentality that the best foreign policy is domestic policy. The allegations against interference in our sovereignty; the maintenance and defense of our energy independence; The offense that can be made to us simply because of the idea that at some point we could become more dependent on someone – for example, on the United States – than on ourselves, have been the main elements of President López Obrador's policy.

Following this line, this administration has managed to change globalization for nationalism and localization, missing a unique opportunity for the development of our country. And it is that when the whole world – which is no longer the case – was moving towards the breaking down of borders, towards the uniformity of systems and partially towards the conception not of a single thought, but of a common technology, President López Obrador isolated us and encapsulated us in an ideal that was absolutely unredeemed and impossible to achieve. That is to say, the President conditioned us to conform with the idea and the fact of the Mexico that could be contrasted with the Mexico that is.

We are in America. We are the second largest and most important country in North America. We are also the support – up to this point, although less and less each day – of the generational renewal of North America. We are also the most logical and natural expansion point for business in the application of the T-MEC and in the explosion of the nearshoring. But, above all things, we are a democratic country. And although we have our singularities such as, for example, the fact of supporting Cuba – in an irreverent way – to have a political system, of defense, of equality and facilitating the understanding of phenomena such as Chavismo or any leftist movement, totalitarianism or Similar. Little by little, we have become a country that only wants to have something to do with it but does not fully immerse itself in any cause.

Economic thinking has not changed because, just as López Obrador understood – with overwhelming clarity – that when you are on the left, you either take the hit or they give it to you, so he also understood that reassuring and strengthening the relationship with the main economic actors was a key piece to consolidate the success of the '4T'.

This is the day when when one speaks with the main elements and with the funds and banks in Europe, for example, one realizes that Mexico continues to be a promising country and to which opportunities and investments must be directed to keep growing. That is to say, nothing that has happened and everything that we have experienced under that unique way of applying politics, being formally impeccable in the treatment of discipline and economic orthodoxy and absolutely liberal and conformist in the sense that here only We support not those who need it most but those who with very little support can always be on our side, we have created a sense of hope in which – today and it is necessary to accept it – sooner or later investments will reach our country .

Despite the policy of international isolation carried out, despite not wanting to carry out more than a few and necessary state visits and despite focusing mainly on internal development – completely neglecting international relations -, it must be recognized that Mexico continues to be one of the main and most attractive investment destinations for the future. I don't know if this can or should be attributed entirely to the work done – or not done – by President López Obrador's administration, but there are times when the facts speak for themselves.

The world today is nothing like the one that welcomed President López Obrador with open arms and hope for true change that night of December 1, 2018. Today the world is at war. A world in which the Third World War is part of the conventional arguments. It is also a world in which threats of using tactical or nuclear weapons have become part of our daily lives without anything running away. It is a world in which, despite the relative triumph of the American economy, it seems that – if the elections were held today – it would be Donald Trump who would occupy the White House despite the dozens of criminal and civil proceedings against him. And, it must be recognized, the flood of information through social networks together with the fact that we are on the verge of a possible generational failure, the world to which we belong is worryingly different from everything that had been seen. in the past.

I don't know if it was the air, the satiety or the way of doing politics in the United States that in the first instance caused Donald Trump to be elected as the forty-fifth American president, but what this character has managed to do in what is supposedly the largest democracy in the world, is worthy of careful analysis. Not only did he manage to establish lies as a way of governing and exempt it from any consequences, but he has also called into question the entire judicial apparatus of his country. The simple fact that a citizen with criminal and civil proceedings against him may have a great chance of becoming the next president of the United States is something that makes us question everything we have been doing or not doing in recent years as societies.

When the administration of Andrés Manuel López Obrador began, Europe was in a latent war. Today it is in a declared war. The smallest is the one between Ukraine and Russia; the greatest is what the Muslim world has declared to Western culture. In countries like France, the Muslim population is increasingly increasing and Islam has been consolidated as the country's second religion. But what is more worrying is that, despite having been initially welcomed in different parts of the European continent, the feeling that resides in Muslims is not one of gratitude or pride, but of vindication and, above all, it is a feeling of struggle. Apparently, they will never forgive the efforts and actions taken to seek to change the way of life and their religious beliefs.

With North America, Europe and the Americas as they are, it is necessary to recognize that – deep down – this isolation from which we come and that we have practiced in recent years is not the worst that could have happened to us. Another thing is how a people is educated, how ambitions are generated, how aspirations are created in a country in which thinking differently is frowned upon and makes you disqualified from being a good citizen.

The consequences of having had social leadership as absolutely marked, defining and enclosed as the one we have had during the '4T' remain to be seen. For the past six years, it is as if the world has simply disappeared for President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and his administration. However, we Mexicans – who are characterized by combining with whoever wherever we go – are not willing to remain alone or isolated from what happens beyond the borders. Whoever finally wins, the new government will have to live breaking barriers and discovering that the era we come from is that of globalization and, no matter how hard you try, there is no way to make them leave you. live in your changarro in peace.