The US 'takes pity' on Palestine: It will send more than $400 million to support Gaza, Blinken reports

The Secretary of State of the American Union, Antony Blinken, announced this Tuesday from Jordan that a support package of 404 million dollars for the Palestinians will be promoted.

“Today he announced $404 million more in new aid for the Palestinians, adding to the more than $1.8 billion in development, economic and humanitarian aid that the United States has provided since 2021,” said the head of the American diplomacy.

Participating in an international humanitarian response conference on Gaza being held in the Dead Sea region, located in southwestern Jordan, he explained that Israel is taking 'important steps' to open more border crossings that will address obstacles to the delivery of assistance. However, he considered that he has the possibility of putting in more effort.

“You can and should do more,” he said.

“As we conveyed directly to the Israeli government, it is crucial to accelerate truck inspection and reduce delays to provide greater clarity and shorten the list of prohibited goods, increase visas for humanitarian workers and process them more quickly to create clear channels and more effective for humanitarian organizations,” he added.

Blinken also considered that Israel must push for stricter measures to reduce civilian casualties in their war in the Gaza Strip.

“Israel must take new steps to reduce civilian casualties even as it faces the enemy that started this war with the slaughter of civilians on October 7. An enemy that carries out operations from schools, from hospitals, from camps… an enemy that cynically hides behind or beneath the people he claims to represent,” stated the axis of American diplomacy.

Furthermore, at this conference, the President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, announced that an additional package of 16 million euros will be granted to support Palestine.

Israel to prolong war with Hamas

The Israeli war in the Gaza Strip could be extended at least until 2025because Israeli troops do not plan to leave the enclave in order to prevent “weapons smuggling,” as explained by the Israeli national security advisor, Tzachi Hanegbi.

“We have another seven months of struggle to achieve what we define as the destruction of government and military capabilities Hamas,” Hanegbi explained in an interview conducted by telephone from Cyprus to Kan public radio.

Israel began a ground offensive in Rafah, since the beginning of May, the last 'safe' enclave in Gaza and where the Army considers that 4 Hamas battalions need to be dismantled. Since that time, more than a million Gazans have been forcibly displaced, as The troops have reached the center of the city of Rafah from the eastern side.

“Within Gaza, the Israel Defense Forces now control 75% of the Philadelphia Corridor and I believe that over time they will control all of it,” Tzachi Hanegbi mentioned.