The US fears that Russia will launch nuclear weapons into space. This is what Vladimir Putin said

The United States intelligence services They indicated that Russia could be planning the installation of a nuclear weapon in the spaceto an extent that could represent a serious threat to international securityas revealed by officials.

The reports come after the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Mike Turnerpublicly warned about a threat related “to a destabilizing foreign military capability”, although without revealing more details about it.

What do we know about the weapon that Russia would be developing?

John Kirbyone of the White House spokespersons, confirmed that it would be a “anti-satellite technology that Russia is developing”; However, she refused to clarify whether it was some kind of Nuclear weapons.

The official admitted that, although the development of this type of weapons is “concerning” for the current administration, “there is no immediate threat to anyone’s safety.”

We are not talking about a weapon that can be used to attack human beings or to cause physical destruction here on Earth.. That said, we have been closely monitoring this Russian activity and we will continue to take this very seriously,” the spokesperson said.

US President Joe Biden spoke along the same lines, confirming that the Russian program would be related to damaging satellites in space; However, he said there was no evidence that Moscow had decided to go ahead with the program.

He reiterated that the space weapon being developed by the Russian government does not pose a nuclear threat to the inhabitants of Earth, and I trust that he Kremlin finally decide not to deploy the system.

Russia responds to the United States: “It is to scare”

Faced with fears expressed by the United States, Russian President Vladimir Putin denied the accusations and rejected that Your government plans to launch a nuclear weapon in space.

“We have always been categorically against and now we are against the deployment of nuclear weapons in space,” Putin said Tuesday in a televised meeting with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. “We do in space only what other countries do, including the United States,” the minister added.

Shoigu indicated this Tuesday that one of the reasons why Washington makes so much “noise” about this issue is to “scare senators and congressmen” and thus force them to authorize more aid for Ukraine.

It should be remembered that both the United States and Russia are part of the Outer Space Treatywhich prohibits the deployment of “nuclear weapons or any other type of weapon of mass destruction” in orbit or the emplacement of “weapons in outer space in some other form.”

With information from Bloomberg, AP and EFE