The US denies humanitarian parole to the son of the prime minister of the Cuban regime

MIAMI – The authorities of USA This Thursday they rejected the request for a flight permit to Manuel Alejandro Marrero Medinason of the prime minister of the Cuban regime, Manuel Marrero Cruzdespite having previously been accepted into the Humanitarian Parole program.

This program, established by the president Joe Biden for immigrants from Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Haiti, has allowed the arrival of more than 435,000 people until mid-April.

According to review Martà NewsMarrero Medina, 31 years old, and a graduate in Sociocultural Studies at the University of Holguín, remains hermetic in the face of requests for comment on this setback in his attempted trip to the United States.

The son of the prime minister of Cuba's communist dictatorship, known for his taste in travel, makeup and photography, has been the subject of attention for his ostentatious lifestyle, to which the average Cuban does not have access.

In the past, he generated controversy by publishing a series of photographs traveling on Cuba's presidential jets, a gift from the late Venezuelan president, Hugo Chávez, to the Cuban leadership. These publications, which have now disappeared from social networks, raised criticism for their extravagance in a country where the majority of the population faces economic difficulties, such as food shortages, blackouts and lack of water.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) establishes “rigorous” criteria for the approval of “humanitarian parole,” including national security and public safety background investigations, as well as the exercise of discretion. But apparently those “rigorous criteria” were not applied to the son of the senior official of the Castro dictatorship because the humanitarian parole was initially approved.

USCIS grants humanitarian parole to a foreign national (who would otherwise be inadmissible) to temporarily enter the United States due to an urgent and emergency humanitarian reason or significant public benefit.

This rejection adds to the growing attention on the life of luxury of the relatives of Cuban leaders, which has been increasingly difficult to hide with the increase in Internet access in Cuba. Recently, the case of two nieces of Prime Minister Manuel Marrero became known, who have settled in Cape Coral, Florida, one of them entering through the southern border and the other benefiting from the “humanitarian parole.”