The US confirms that there will be more ‘wool’ for Ukraine… but warns that its funds have already been exhausted

The spokesperson for White House Security, John Kirby, assured this Tuesday that the US Government plans to announce another package of military aid to Ukraine this month and that, after that, they will have exhausted all the funds allocated by Congress for it and that they will not be able to send more assistance until the Republicans of the Senate vote in favor of it.

Furthermore, he explained that this lack of funds is occurring while Russia increases its attacks with drones and cruise missiles against Ukrainian cities at the same time that the Russian Army “tries to mount a ground offensive in the east” and that, despite the fact that kyiv remains “well armed,” still needs American help.

“Ukraine still needs our help. And it is time for the Congress acts to defend freedom and democracy in defense of our own national security interests, which are very much at stake here,” the spokesperson added.

On the other hand, Kirby has admitted the existence of a “plan B”, which has been previously outlined and by which the military industry would collaborate with both the US and Ukrainian authorities to replace military equipment.

Some Republicans in Congress defend that this new shipment of aid to Ukraine must be accompanied by new investments to control the security of the southern border with Mexico, whose situation they consider to be an “absolute catastrophe.”

Putin ‘boasts’ that Russia has already modernized its nuclear arsenal

President Vladimir Putin said Russia has modernized almost its entire strategic nuclear arsenal, reviving atomic rhetoric while boasting that the war in Ukraine had swung in its favor.

The role of the Russian nuclear triad, air, sea and land in ensuring a balance of power “has increased significantly” amid the “emergence of new political-military risks”Putin said at a Defense Ministry meeting in Moscow on Tuesday.

The proportion of modern weaponry in its nuclear forces this year “has risen to 95% and in the naval component to almost 100 percent,” he said.

In a speech riddled with family claims that he ordered the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine to counter alleged threats to the security of Russia by the United States and its NATO allies, Putin said his forces “have the initiative” on the battlefield.

“We do what we think is necessary, what we want,” he said, adding that Ukraine “is suffering heavy losses and has largely squandered its reserves.”

With information from Bloomberg