The US and Mexico agree to create a working group for migration

The delegations of Mexico and the United States, led by President Andrés López Obrador and the Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, agreed yesterday, during their meeting at the National Palace, create a joint working group to address the immigration issue, which will meet periodically.

“We ask President (Joe) Biden to meet with Secretaries Antony Blinken, Alejandro Mayorkas (Homeland Security) and the presidential advisor for National Security, Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, to directly address issues of economic cooperation, security and migration. Important agreements were reached for the benefit of our people. Now, more than ever, a good neighbor policy is essential,” the Mexican president highlighted in his X account.

Previously, in his morning conference, he indicated that it was important to highlight the electoral use that was given to the immigration issue.

“And we want to reach an agreement because also, since there are elections in the United States, the immigration issue“They use it as a flag and there are campaigns with the immigration issue,” he accused.

He suggested that caravans are even encouraged for the same purpose.

“They are always promoted, there are those who are dedicated to that, and they also have links with the groups (for the elections). Yes, of course there is a problem, but the information is given that they can facilitate access to the United States,” he indicated.

After the meeting, Foreign Minister Alicia Bárcena declared that it was agreed to form a working group and a new meeting in January.

We are going to work with Guatemalawith the South and Central American countriesthat was what was really talked about,” he added.

The Secretary of Homeland Security of the United States, Alejandro Mayorkas, said – in X – that It was a very productive meetingand stressed that it is necessary for both countries to continue cooperating.

“The regional challenge of migration requires regional solutions, and we appreciate Mexico’s commitment to continue its efforts alongside us and with others,” he concluded.

Antony Blinken shared, in the same way, that the issue of fentanyl was also addressed.

“It is good to discuss these issues and our shared efforts to reduce irregular migration, with López Obrador (this Wednesday) in Mexico City,” he explained.

Later, he added that both countries are willing to work together to combat the main concerns, among which are the flows of people, but also stop the flow of illicit substances.

“As we made clear in Mexico City, we are committed to partnering with Mexico to address our shared challenges, including managing unprecedented irregular migration in the region, Reopening Key Ports of Entry and Fighting Illicit Fentanyl and other synthetic drugs,” stated the secretary.

Vedant Patel, deputy spokesperson for the State Department, highlighted that “strengthen border securityaddressing illicit synthetic drugs, and expanding legal pathways for safe, orderly, and humane migration are key U.S. priorities.”

This explains the presence of Sherwood-Randall, since its function has been more linked to combating these synthetic substances than to controlling migratory flows.

According to Chancellor Bárcena, the economic relationship between the two countries was also discussed: “We have a trade of 860 billion dollars, very strong investments; “The importance of reopening border crossings is a priority for us.”

Although the Mexican Foreign Ministry agreed to issue a statement with more details of the meeting, at press time it had not been published.