The dollar closes higher in Mexico this Friday, June 28

MIAMI.- He dollar The week ends this Friday, June 28thwith an increase in 0.82% in Mexico and of 0.37% on the black market of Argentinawhile it recedes in the one of Venezuela. Meanwhile, it experiences slight variations in Europe and Japan, and maintains its stability in Kingdom.

He market European, The American currency rises 1% this day to close the week in 1.07 eurosThe old continent’s currency is one of the most robust among currencies, where it remains a refuge for investors.

In United Kingdomthe currency remains at 1.26 pounds sterlingfor the sixth consecutive close. The British currency remains in “his kingdom”, occupying a preferential place in the foreign exchange market, after leaving the euro zone in January 2020.

In Japanthe dollar continues to gain ground, going from 160.67 to 160.95 yen. The Japanese currency, along with the dollar, the euro and the pound, is one of the strongest currencies on the Forex market, even though it has lost value against the American currency this year.

Price of the dollar in Argentina

In Mexicothe American currency grew 0.82% to advance this Friday to the 18.37 Mexican pesos in the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF). In the Aztec nation, the Central Bank establishes the guidelines in the foreign exchange market and this changes during the day in the purchase and sale of the banks and serves as the exchange reference for the following day.

The official market in Argentinaset by the Central Bank, rose 0.15% to get to 948.68 Argentine pesos. The official rate reduced the gap of more than 100% that it maintained with the parallel structure, after the drastic increase implemented by President Javier Milei in order to stabilize the economy. In the parallel structure of the so-called Blue dollar, which during the past administration set the pace in the economy, it has an advantage of 43%. In this arena, he increased 0.37% to be located in 1.355 Argentine pesos.

In Havanathe currency continues to cling to the 24 Cuban pesos since March 2005 in the official quotation, established by the Central Bank of Cuba. While, in the so-called parallel or black market, whose value is almost 15 times higher, it maintains the same price as the previous day. 360 pesos Cubans.

Quote in Venezuela

In Venezuelahe had a very small increase, as he advanced to the 36.40 bolivars in the official rate, set by the Central Bank. Meanwhile, in the parallel structure, it fell 0.14% to value itself in 40.19 bolivars.

In Colombiathe exchange rate established by the Bank of the Republic showed a slight increase, going from 4,133.61 to 4,158.10 Colombian pesosIn the coffee nation, annual inflation in May was 7.16%according to figures from the National Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE).