"The bill is dead": Republicans block aid package for Ukraine

Republicans and Democrats negotiated a compromise on Ukraine aid for weeks and were finally able to present an agreement. But Trump didn’t agree with that.

US President Joe Biden’s Democrats have failed in the Senate with a billion-dollar aid package for Ukraine, which was attacked by Russia. As expected, the draft law, which also contains aid for Israel and stricter regulations on immigration policy, did not receive the necessary majority in a vote in the parliamentary chamber on Wednesday. The Republicans blocked the bill. It had already become apparent that the legislative package negotiated across party lines would not receive a majority. Former US President Donald Trump had previously voiced opposition to the agreement.

Deep divides divide Republicans and Democrats

The release of new US aid to Ukraine is being blocked by a domestic political dispute between Democrats and Republicans in the US Parliament. Republicans had insisted that funding for Ukraine be tied to funding for the US border. Among other things, they have expressed doubts about support for Ukraine or completely reject it. They also demand significantly more resources to secure the US border and stricter immigration laws. Illegal immigration to the US is one of the dominant issues in the presidential election campaign. Trump wants to prevent Biden from achieving success by passing a bipartisan agreement on the issue. Everything currently points to a new edition of the duel between Biden and Trump in the presidential election.

On Sunday, US senators presented a proposal for an aid package worth $118 billion. This includes military aid worth billions for Ukraine and Israel as well as funds for border protection. On Monday, the Republican leadership in the House of Representatives said: “Any consideration of this bill in its current form is a waste of time. It is dead on arrival in the House of Representatives. We encourage the US Senate to reject it.”