“The Apprentice”: Sebastian Stan's transformation into Donald Trump

Sebastian Stan portrays a young Donald Trump in “The Apprentice.” Now there is the first picture of the actor in his role.

Donald Trump (77) is getting a biopic – very soon. “The Apprentice” premieres at the prestigious Cannes International Film Festival. The production company Tailored Films has now released a first picture that shows the main actor Sebastian Stan (41) as a young Trump.

Stan, known from several films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), can be seen in a car in the film scene shown. Sitting next to him is “Succession” star Jeremy Strong (45) as Roy Cohn (1927-1986). In addition to the two, Maria Bakalova (27) will appear as Ivana Trump (1949-2022) in “The Apprentice”. The film was directed by Ali Abbasi (43) and the screenplay was written by Gabe Sherman.

This is what “The Apprentice” is about

According to Tailored Films, the film shows the rise of the young Trump through a “Faustian pact” with the lawyer Cohn. The US industry magazine “Variety” is already describing the film as a “hot potato” that is likely to cause a stir among the political camps in the USA.

Those responsible for the Cannes Film Festival announced on April 11th that the production was part of the official selection for 2024 and was also in competition. It was announced for the first time last year that Stan would take on the role of the former US President. According to media reports, filming began in November. It is currently not known when “The Apprentice” could be shown in Germany.