Taiwan denounces new “combat maneuvers” by Chinese fighters near the island

The authorities of Taiwan denounced this Wednesday new “combat maneuvers” by the Chinese Air Force near the island, measures with which Beijing seeks to increase pressure on the Taiwanese authorities, whom it accuses of having a secessionist vision.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense said China has launched another “patrol mission” in the vicinity of a territory it considers another province under its sovereignty to test the “combat capability” of its army in the event of an invasion of the island.

The statement said 26 Chinese Air Force fighter planes, including J-16 fighter jets, had been detected flying over the island while several warships were sailing in nearby areas.

The authorities described these measures as “repressive” actions, which are increasing as time goes by.

However, Chinese authorities continue to maintain that these actions are only aimed at “supervising” and “monitoring” pro-independence activities in the area. The spokesperson for China’s Taiwan Affairs Office, Zhu Fengliang, said that the country has the “legitimate right” to protect its territorial integrity and “defend the new roadmap launched to punish separatist forces.”

“Security forces and judicial authorities will take all possible measures to pursue any possible Taiwanese independence and those who defy the law,” he said, before threatening to impose “severe punishments.”