T-MEC 2026, review in sight – El Financiero

Although it is a matter of days until the presidential election is decided, one of the priorities on the trade agenda of candidate Claudia Sheinbaum is the review of the Treaty between Mexico, the United States and Canada (T-MEC) planned by the same agreement for 2026.

Almost four years after the entry into force of the USMCA, a substitute for NAFTA at the request of Donald Trump, the treaty has had a positive balance, and above all, it has worked. Trade between the three nations, strategic for the global economy, flows functionally.

Let us remember that its negotiation was one of the pending issues that the Peña Nieto administration inherited from López Obrador, who was finally able to finalize it, with some conditions, despite the voices that anticipated its failure, and today it is one of the pillars of trade policy. outside the country.

You might think that it is anticipated to prepare for the T-MEC review two years before it takes place, but it is not that long. The team of the Let's Keep Making History coalition candidate has revealed that this will be one of the priorities once she takes office next October, of course, in case she wins on June 2.

Even, on different occasions, Sheinbaum has predicted that the 2026 review will occur without a hitch, although he recognizes that the only issues that will draw attention in the process will be the ban on genetically modified (transgenic) products, and to a lesser extent, the energy sector, since “it was practically settled” by the current administration, he told members of the American Society Council of the Americas at the end of April.

In this context, as occurred with the six-year term that is about to end, the Sheinbaum government will have the opportunity in the review of the T-MEC to reconcile any grievances they have with the Mexican private sector.

The mutual cooperation that Mexico's business leadership has offered to the current government will be maintained, because despite the political differences with the leading candidate, as happened with López Obrador, businessmen understand that they must work hand in hand so that the agreement is more greatest in the world endure and fulfill the purpose for which it was agreed.

The survey of lies

In case there were any doubts, Citibanamex does not conduct surveys. The financial group clarified to the media that in a private presentation with clients, a series of surveys on electoral preferences leading up to June 2 were presented. Among them, the controversial Massive Caller poll, and the only one that gives Xóchitl Gálvez an advantage over the Morena candidate.

Many were naïve, or simply went with the feint, and shared the survey in the name of Citibanamex, including Gálvez herself, who, like the other misinformers, has so far not backed down. Regrettable.