Survey positions President Luis Abinader as a winner with 61% support

SANTO DOMINGO.- 92% of citizens are sure of going out to vote in the general elections that will be held in the Dominican Republic this coming Sunday, May 19, according to an opinion study prepared by the Dominican pollster Metadatos, which placed the current president and candidate for the re-election of Luis Abinader, with 61% of the voting intention.

The survey was carried out through questionnaires with the objective of knowing the perception of the Dominican people regarding issues of common interest in the economic, political, government management and possible electoral scenario for the upcoming 2024 elections.

Nine candidates will participate in the electoral contest, of which three have the highest approval, among them, the president Luis Abinader of the ruling Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), who intends to achieve a second term in the Caribbean country and has 58% of the intention. of voting, according to national surveys.

The other two strong candidates to win the presidential seat are former president Leonel Fernández of the People's Force (FP) and Abel Martínez of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), former mayor of Santiago de Los Caballeros.

The other six candidates competing are Miguel Vargas Maldonado of the Dominican Revolutionary Party, María Teresa Cabrera of the Frente Amplio; Fulgencio Severino Cruz of the Homeland for All Movement; Carlos Peña Batista of the Generation of Servers Party); Virginia Rodríguez Grullón of the Democratic Option Party) and Roque Alejandro Espaillat Democratic Hope Party are at the bottom of the polls.

The National Survey carried out by Metadatos from May 14 to 16, 2024 among people over 18 years of age placed the candidate Leonel Fernández in second place with 20% of the population's support, followed by Abel Martínez with 10%.

During Sunday's elections, in addition to the president and vice president of the republic, more than 8.1 million Dominicans will go to the polls to elect 32 members of the Senate, 190 members and 31 provinces and the National District.

PRM, with the highest approval

According to the National Metadata Survey that was carried out from May 14 to 16, 2024 among people over 18 years of age, 57% of the population has a favorable opinion of Abinader's government management, 23% consider it regular, a 13% say it is bad and 7% say it is very bad.

The eighth installment of the pollster's survey also showed that the Modern Revolutionary Party is the first political force with 58% of voting intentions, followed by the People's Force with 16% and the Liberation Party with 9%.

If a scenario occurs in which no candidate receives more than 50% of the votes, a second round will be held between the first two on June 30. To which 68% of those surveyed responded that there would not be a runoff, and 32% said there would be.

Social and economic aspects

The analysis also consulted the participants about the main social and economic problems that affect Dominican society. 60% of citizens stated that the country is on the right path, compared to 40% who believe it is on the wrong path.

Regarding the economic situation, the study revealed that 47% of the population considers that the high cost of the family basket is the main problem that affects the country, followed by unemployment with 12% and the cost of fuel with 1 %.

While 23% consider that the biggest problem that plagues the country is crime, 8% corruption and lack of transparency and 3% education.

On the other hand, 3% expressed that the conflict that most afflicts the Dominican Republic is the massive presence of immigrants who have arrived in that country mainly from Haiti, which is why the Dominican president Luis Abinader was forced to close the border with the neighboring country last year.

18% believe it is the shortage of drinking water, 10% the consumption of drugs Sales and consumption, 5% the lack of electricity, 2% the sale and consumption of alcohol and 2% transportation problems.