‘Supernatural’ actor Mark Sheppard suffered six heart attacks and was “resuscitated” four more times

When the star of the television series Supernatural Mark Sheppard was about to leave the house to go to an appointment, he collapsed on the kitchen floor. He suffered “six massive heart attacks” due to a completely blocked left anterior descending artery (LAD), he shared on Instagram.

“Six massive heart attacks later and after being raised from the dead four timesapparently I had a 100% blockage in my LAD,” he wrote in a post he shared over the weekend.

A heart attack occurs when a person experiences a complete blockage of the LAD artery, which carries nearly half of the body’s blood to the heart, according to New-York Presbyterian. According to the Cleveland Clinic, this is a “potentially immediately fatal” condition.

Mark Sheppard in SupernaturalDiyah Pera / CW Network / Courtesy Everett Collection

Sheppard said he was lucky to be alive.

“If it weren’t for my wife, the @losangelesfiredepartment of mullholland and the incredible staff at @providencecalifornia St. Joseph’s, I wouldn’t be writing this,” he noted. “My chances of survival were practically zero.”

According to the Cleveland Clinic, symptoms of such a heart attack include upset stomach, chest pain, difficulty breathing, lightheadedness, fatigue, dizziness, and pain in the arm, shoulder, neck, jaw, or back.

If people experience these symptoms, they should call 911 immediately. That’s because the longer it takes for the blockage to open, the greater the risk of damage to the heart, Dr. Laxmi Mehta, director of preventive cardiology and women’s cardiovascular health at Wexner Medical Center in New York, previously told .com. Ohio State University.

Myocardial infarctions, notes Cleveland Clinic, can be caused by cholesterol building up in the LAD artery, causing a blockage, or by a blood clot blocking it.

Doctors encourage patients to see their doctor regularly to learn their risk for heart disease, as it remains a persistent health problem for many Americans.

Heart disease is “the leading cause of death among men and women,” says Mehta. “We are all at risk. So we must worry about prevention.”

Followers and co-stars offered their best wishes to the actor, known for playing Crowley in Supernatural from The CW.

“You don’t have to make it bigger every time! 6 heart attacks? “Two or three would have been impressive enough,” co-star Misha Collins commented on the post. Supernatural. “You’ve already impressed us enough. Now leave things behind and get back on the road with us. I love you friend”.

Actor John Barrowman also shared his support.

“If there is anything you need or that I can do, just let me know,” said the former actor. Doctor Who. “I’m just a little trip away. Please do everything they tell you to get healthy and recover.”

Sheppard He indicated that he is recovering.

“I feel great,” he wrote. “Humble once again. Tomorrow at home.”