stern survey Germany doubts whether Biden is fit enough for a second term in office

A debate about Joe Biden’s health is raging in the United States. Many Germans believe that the US President is too old to remain in office for another year. But: Is his challenger Donald Trump the better candidate?

Germans have serious doubts as to whether US President Joe Biden is fit enough for a second term in office. 68 percent consider the 81-year-old to be too old, according to a Forsa survey commissioned by star resulted. 29 percent don’t see it that way.

In the USA, according to a recent Ipsos poll for ABC News, 86 percent are of the opinion that the Democratic politician is too old for another four years at the helm of the United States. Last week, a special counsel wrote about Biden that he seemed like a “well-meaning, older man with a poor memory.” This sparked renewed discussion about the US President’s health.

But the Germans also see the age of the likely opponent Donald Trump as a problem – albeit to a lesser extent. 57 percent say that the 77-year-old is too old for a second term. 38 percent don’t see it that way.

Incidentally, half of Germans consider both Biden and Trump to be too old for a second term as US President. 18 percent think this only about Biden, 6 percent only about Trump and 21 percent about neither. The view that the two are not fit enough for another presidency is shared by a majority in all population and voter groups. Only the supporters of a party differ from this when it comes to a candidate: the majority of AfD voters apparently like Donald Trump so much that they don’t care about his age.

The data was compiled by the market and opinion research institute forsa star and RTL Deutschland on February 12th and 13th. Database: 1003 respondents. Statistical margin of error: +/- 3 percentage points