Statue of rapper Kid Cudi installed in the center of Paris

PARIS.- A giant ephemeral statue of rapper American Kid Cudi was installed at the Place de la Bourse, in the heart of Paris, on Friday, the day of the release of his new album “Insano.”

Located at the exit of the Bourse metro, in front of the Brongniart Palace, the statue, more than ten meters high and dark in color, represents the artist in a posture between messianic and demonic, with his palms facing the sky and his head lowered.

The eyes and mouth are illuminated.

There are two other similar statues in the United States. One in NY and the other will be placed around Los Angeles, in three different places this weekend, according to the rapper’s networks.

The artist celebrated the release of his album on stage Thursday night in front of his fans at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles.

“Insano”, an album of 21 songs, features collaborations with other renowned artists such as A$AP Rocky, Travis Scott and Pharrell Williams.

The musician, who will turn 40 at the end of January, recently raised doubts about the future of his career on his networks. “I’m preparing one more album (…) and I’m not sure what I’ll do next,” he said.

The artist had announced the launch of a book, presented as his memoirs, for 2024. The work, which promises to be “very honest”, will talk about “sex, drugs, love, faith and melodies.”

A fashion fan and regular at Paris Fashion Week, the rapper is artistic director of the clothing brand Members of the Rage.