Star chef Tim Raue takes a stand against right-wing extremism

Star chef Tim Raue was a member of a Berlin youth gang as a teenager. He knows well the milieu that would be affected by the deportation fantasies of right-wing extremists. Time for a conversation about integration, the AfD and good cooperation.

Mr. Raue, the Correctiv research into the deportation plans of right-wing extremists shocked many people. What did you think when you found out about it?

It doesn’t surprise me that politicians of all stripes meet in back rooms. I have always cooked at party events, but always for centrist parties – i.e. SPD, FDP, CDU. What really shocked and left me speechless is the term “remigration”.

A right-wing narrative, but one that was already mentioned before AfD was launched.

And one that is just plain stupid. It would mean sending people back who we have integrated. This is simply unthinkable for a country like Germany, which has an incredible shortage of skilled workers. And it would also be inhumane to throw out people who have become part of our society. I hope that those who would currently vote for the AfD have been woken up. That they understand that this also means friends, the newspaper and greengrocer around the corner, the pediatrician, the washerman, the cook or even the security staff. This goes completely against my values ​​and all the values ​​that we live in this truly fantastic democracy of the Federal Republic of Germany.