Spain “has not come to Germany to lose,” says Pedri heading to the Euro

DONAUESCHINGEN.- The countdown to the debut of Spain Euro 2024 has already begun, and although the players avoid setting a minimum goal, Pedri He warned at a press conference on Tuesday that the 'Red' “has not come to Germany to lose”, insisting on the unity of the dressing room as the key to the success of the Spanish team.

“The group really wants it to start now, these days before what you want most is for the game to arrive now (against Croatia on June 15), I think the objectives are being achieved day after day and game after game, but it is clear that we did not come to Germany to lose,” the 21-year-old from the Canary Islands warned at a press conference, when asked about the 'Red''s objectives in the championship.

“We know that the first game is important, to get off to a good start (…) there is no need to be anxious about that first game, but it is clear that we are going to go out and win,” he said about the debut against Croatia, a match who arrives “physically well” and with great enthusiasm”, after a season plagued by injuries.

The Canarian feels that he can “contribute a lot” in the Euro Cup and acknowledges having “worked a lot” on his recovery. “This season for me has been difficult, but it is clear that I am in one of the best moments of this year,” he confessed.

Pedri, chosen by UEFA as the best player of Euro 2021, spoke about the great understanding of the locker room, a “united” team that he did not hesitate to call “family”, perhaps winking at the nickname with the which is known for the successful men's basketball team.

“The greatest asset we have is that we are a team, we are a family both on and off the field, we are very united,” explained the FC Barcelona player, highlighting that unity above the more marked individualities of other teams.

Different from the rest:

“The leader is the team as a whole, there are many players whose captains help us a lot, but I think the big difference with all the teams is that we are a team and there is no leader who stands out above the rest,” he added. He added about it.

He also had good words for coach Luis de la Fuente, whom he thanked for his continued interest throughout his injury ordeal.

“In bad moments, when everything is criticism, having the coach of the national team worry about you, gives you a lot of confidence and desire to work to improve and return that confidence,” said the Canary Islander about De la Fuente, who faces his first Eurocup on the bench.