Series: Trump’s Revenge Top Economist: "Biden picked up where Trump left off"

“A reversal of globalization was inevitable,” says MIT economist Daron Acemoğlu. But Biden will not win back Trump voters with economic policy alone.

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This text is part of the “Trump’s Revenge” series in which our reporters investigate the question: What would happen if Donald Trump moved into the White House again? In this episode, Daron Acemoğlu talks about the impact of a possible Trump re-election on the global economy.

Mr. Acemoğlu, what would it mean for the global economy if Donald Trump became president again? USA would?
Daron Acemoğlu: Biden has continued many of Trump’s first term in office. The trade war with China was less dramatic than some had previously feared. So Biden picked up where Trump left off. Nevertheless, Trump will probably appear much more aggressive in language alone and inflame the situation. But a lot is still extremely unclear.