Sebastián Vettel prepares something big in Formula 1

The German pilot Formula 1, Sebastian Vettel, He is widely considered one of the greatest in motorsport history and remains a world record holder. Being the youngest F1 winner, at 23 years of age (and 134 days), in 2010.

He retired aged 35 after an illustrious career that saw him win a number of circuits at the pinnacle of F1, which began in 2007 after taking up karting as a child.

Vettel, now 36, was saying he chose to give up his love of fast cars and breaking records to focus on his family.

However, Vettel is synonymous with Formula 1 and his return could be closer than it seems.

The 36-year-old German, who won consecutive titles with Red Bull between 2010 and 2013, will retire in 2022.

With Lewis Hamilton moving to Ferrari, Mercedes has a vacant seat in 2025 and Vettel is aware of the F1 landscape.

“I have thoughts going through my mind and I'm thinking about a comeback,” Vettel told BBC Radio 5 Live. “But at this stage, my general thinking hasn't changed, so it really depends on what comes.”

When asked specifically about Mercedes, Vettel added: “I am following the sport and at the moment there is a lot of movement when it comes to drivers, the driver market etc.

“Obviously I'm still in contact with a lot of people. I also talk to Toto Wolff from time to time,” he highlighted.

The open door for Vettel:

Vettel would be Mercedes' first option, since apparently the Spaniard Carlos Sainz cannot decide whether to race with the German team or another.

Hamilton and his Mercedes teammate George Russell gave their approval to Vettel's possible return.

“I would love for Seb to come back and I think he would be an incredible fit for the team,” Hamilton said at a news conference at the Suzuka circuit before the Japanese Grand Prix.

Russell added: “Sebastian is a great person. His personality will certainly be missed on the grid.”