Republicans are appealing against Trump’s disqualification from voting in Colorado

A court in Colorado has disqualified Donald Trump from participating in the primary election in the state. But the Republicans don’t want to accept this and have asked the US Supreme Court for help.

New development in the legal ballot dispute over former US President Donald Trump: The Republican Party of Colorado has appealed the US Supreme Court’s decision that Trump is unsuitable for president and the US Supreme Court asked for intervention. The Republicans are represented by the conservative law firm American Center for Law & Justice.

The court’s verdict was “wrong,” according to the application from Wednesday evening (local time). “Unless the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision is overturned, every voter has the opportunity to challenge the disqualification of a political candidate.”

So far, Donald Trump has only announced an appeal

The Colorado Supreme Court ruled last week that Trump was unfit to serve as president because of his role in the storming of the Capitol on January 6, 2021 and therefore could not take part in the primary. Trump wants to enter the Republican race for the White House again in November next year. His opponents are trying to have Trump’s name removed from presidential election ballots in various states. They argue with a constitutional amendment that excludes people from elections who have incited an “insurrection” against the constitution. So far they have only had success in Colorado.

Trump had announced an appeal against the verdict in Colorado – but has not yet filed one. The Colorado Supreme Court had itself suspended its decision until the issue was finally resolved in the event of an appeal. Trump’s name is likely to be on the ballot for his party’s primary election in the state at the beginning of next year.

In the US state of Michigan, the Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected Trump’s exclusion from the primary election there. In their brief reasoning, the seven justices said they were “not convinced that the questions presented should be reviewed by this court” before the primary election takes place on February 27 next year.

A group of democracy activists called Free Speech For People had based the demand before the Supreme Court on Trump’s role in the storming of the US Capitol in Washington.