Regime persecutes and intimidates boatmen who transported María Corina Machado

CARACAS.- He Nicolás Maduro regime extends the persecution and repression towards citizens who are willing to provide support to the opposition leader Maria Corina Machado during his tours of the country, promoting the candidacy of the democratic opposition, represented by Edmundo González Urrutia.

After the successful tour last week, officials from the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) and the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (SEBIN) have been in charge of intimidating the boatmen who transported the opposition member by canoe between the states of Guárico and Apure (southwest), after prevented access by land with the support of motorized groups.

According to the journalist Sebastiana Barraez, The two canoeists who provided their services to Machado from Puerto Páez, located on the border with Colombia, towards the state of Amazonas (south), and back to San Fernando de Apure, have suffered intimidation and persecution actions by the Chavista regime.

The regime against boatmen

According to the information provided by the Venezuelan journalist, specialized in military and border sources, to one of the boatmen, identified as Antoni Josue Delgado Luquewho transferred the opposition leader from Puerto Páez to Puerto Ayacucho, in Amazonas, was detained by GNB officials “without any valid argument”.

The military justified their actions to the canoeists and residents of the area by alleging that They carried out orders from Diosdado Cabellonumber two of Chavismo, who for several weeks has been holding street rallies in the states that Machado visits.

The young man, who was released after being transferred to San Fernando de Apure, had his canoe and the boat's motor seized and They forced him to flee to Colombian territoryadded Barraez.

To the other boatman, who crossed the Orinoco River with Machado, the indigenous Eloy Chavez Guinare, they would also have taken his boat, along with the engine. The man, during the tour, would have sent a message to Nicolás Maduro and González Urrutia, “next president of Venezuela”.

“My crime was doing my work day”

In an audio broadcast by the social communicator, Chávez Guinare denounced that since he transferred the opposition member he has been a victim of persecution and has received death threats by military and intelligence officials of the regime, by “order of Diosdado Cabello.”

My only crime was completing my work day as a river transporter, for transporting the opposition leader María Corina Machado. For that reason, those Maduro government officials kidnapped the boat in an arbitrary, cowardly and mean manner, violating my right to work,” she indicated.

The man, a resident of one of the poorest towns in the South American country, regretted that his decision to transfer Machado has harmed the family of the indigenous Amaray Pachecoowner of the boat seized by the Venezuelan military.

“As a servant of God that I am, I apologize to Sister Amaray for being responsible for this hardship that she is experiencing due to losing her family's livelihood. I pray to God to allow the United Nations to come and see so much violation of our human rights,” stressed Chávez Guinare.


According to Barráez, two other canoeists from San Fernando de Apure, Néstor Rafael Silva and Vicente Argenis Rivero Solórzanoare hidden from the persecution of the Chavista regime.

Until now, the military has not given answers to the boatmen, other than that they were carrying out Cabello's orders and that their boats and engines “They were deposited in the River Port placed under the orders of the Navy”.

The indignation is not only among the companions of the Apure and Amazonas canoeistsbut of hundreds of families who depend on this activity in the area, together with the indigenous people of La Macanilla who supported Machado in his journey through those border states,” emphasized Barráez.