Quiz Affairs, Mishaps, Kim Jong-Un: How well do you remember President Trump’s scandals?

Donald Trump wants to become US President for the third time – he has already succeeded once. Do you still remember his time in office? Test your knowledge.

2016, 2020, 2024: Donald Trump has already run for the US presidential election twice, winning once and losing once. This year the New York real estate mogul wants to know again. And his chances of moving back into the White House are good.

Donald Trump’s first term as US President

His first term was marked by affairs, mishaps and some notable decisions. Keyword Kim Jong Un meeting. Keyword: “Alternative facts”. And not everyone had the hoped for success. Keyword: border wall. Keyword: immigration.

What a new Trump presidency will look like is unclear, but it will certainly be managed more professionally and effectively overall.

Test your knowledge about Donald Trump’s first term as US President!