Protest: Venezuelans in Spain demand the vote from abroad

MADRID.- The Venezuelan diaspora in Spain met in Plaza Callao, Madrid, in a protest that was replicated in at least 20 cities around the world to demand that voting be allowed abroad, in addition to supporting the candidacy of Maria Corina Machadoas a candidate for the Venezuelan opposition.

The request of Venezuelans abroad is framed within the refusal of the dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro of allowing Machado to be his main electoral rival in the 2024 presidential elections.

On October 22, Maria Corina Machado He achieved popular support of 92.35% with the counting of almost 93% of the votes in the opposition primaries, according to the results of the organizing commission.

For the internal primaries, the Venezuelan opposition was able to mobilize 2.4 million Venezuelans to the polls, according to figures from the National Primary Commission, which was in charge of the elections.

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The political leader and former presidential candidate, Andrés Velázquez, confirmed that the opposition of Venezuela is firm in its intention to enroll Maria Corina Machado as a presidential option to defeat the dictator Nicolas Maduro in the 2024 elections.

In this sense, he denied that there is any ‘plan B’ to replace the candidate. In her opinion, this option “would be to ruin the result of the primaries… there is no plan B here to replace María Corina,” she stated.

Both Machado and the rest of the opposition have denied that there is such disqualification and judicial process against the candidate, ensuring that it is a new political strategy of the regime to prevent a democratic process in which citizens can truly exercise their power. democracy.