Primaries in the USA: Trump is using racism again

Nikki Haley is getting dangerously close to the ex-president in the polls. So he now calls the daughter of Indian immigrants Sparrow Brain and denigrates her name. This catches on his followers dangerously quickly.

Mike Haran has of course heard the rumors, they are hard to ignore. He receives new posts, circular emails and text messages from Donald Trump almost every hour: Haley is a “disguised Democrat”. Haley is “not tough enough.” Haley is a “disaster”. Haley is “unelectable.” Above all: Nimarata Nikki Haley, née Randhawa, is not entitled to become US President.

The ex-president has chosen Haley as the latest target of his attacks. He does this to everyone who poses a threat to him in the polls. “I’m pretty sure there’s something to it,” says Mike Haran. “I don’t trust the woman. She’s somehow wrong.”