Price of the dollar today, April 26

MIAMI.- The exchange market closed the week with slight variations in Europe and the United Kingdomwhile there was a slight increase Japan. Meanwhile, in the countries of the region the dollar presented slight movements, with an upward trend in Argentina, Cuba and Venezuela.

In it old continent, the American currency remains 1.07 euros, just like the previous day. The European currency is one of the most solid in the currency market, where it is preserved as a refuge for investors.

In the market Britishthe dollar remains in £1.24 for the third consecutive closure. English currency continues “in his kingdom”, occupying a preferential place in the Forex market, where it was not affected as expected after the departure of the United Kingdom from the euro zone in January 2020.

For the fifth consecutive day, the currency experienced slight growth in the Japanese market, going from 155.41 to 155.63 yen. The Japanese currency, along with the dollar, the euro and the pound sterling, is one of the most robust in the exchange market, despite having lost value against the American currency at the beginning of the year.

Quote in Cuba

In Mexicothe American currency grew 0.47% to locate in 17,18 Mexican pesos in the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF). In the Aztec nation, the Central Bank establishes the price guideline and this moves during the day in the buying and selling of the banks and serves as the exchange reference for the following day.

In Argentinathe official exchange rate, established by the Central Bank, had a subtle increase of 0.08% to close the week in 916.05 Argentine pesos per dollar. The official rate reduced the gap of more than 100% that it maintained with the parallel structure, after the drastic increase implemented by President Javier Milei in order to stabilize the economy. In the parallel currency of the so-called Blue dollar, which during the last administration set the tone in the economy, now has an advantage of fifteen%. In this arena, he rose 1.49% and is valued in 1,055 Argentine pesos.

In Havanathe dollar remains anchored to the 24 Cuban pesos since March 2005 in the official price, set by the Central Bank of Cuba. In the so-called parallel or black market, whose value is 15 times greater, it continues to increase. This Friday it increased 0.82% to reach the 370 Cuban pesos.

Price of the dollar in Venezuela reaches 40 bolivars

In Venezuelathe official price, established by the Central Bank, presented a very small increase to close at 36.43 bolivars. While in the parallel currency, it advanced 0.49% to reach the 40 bolivars.

In Colombiathe currency registered small growth, going from 3,935.65 to 3,964.59 Colombian pesos at the rate set by the Bank of the Republic. In the coffee-growing nation, annual inflation as of March was 7.26%according to figures from the National Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE).