Pregnancy surveillance and mass deportation: Trump outlines political plans

Around six months before the presidential election in the USA, former US President Donald Trump gave an outlook on his government policy if he were re-elected. According to an interview published Tuesday in Time magazine, Trump's plans range from mass deportations of illegal immigrants and migrant detention centers to monitoring pregnancies to prevent abortions.

When asked whether he would be willing to override parts of the US Constitution when dealing with political opponents, Trump said he believes “the enemy within is often more dangerous to our country than external enemies like China, Russia or many others “.

Regarding immigration policy, the right-wing populist said he would have no choice but to carry out mass deportations. The National Guard should be deployed for this purpose, “but I would also have no problem using the military,” said Trump. In response to the interviewer's objection that US laws prohibit the use of the army against civilians on US soil, the ex-president replied that people who had entered the country illegally were “not civilians” but “an invasion.” He did not rule out detention camps for migrants.

On the topic of abortion, which was hotly debated during the election campaign, Trump said that individual US states should set their own abortion laws. When asked whether states should monitor women's pregnancies to check whether they have an abortion, the right-wing populist replied, “I think they could do that.” He will not stand in the way of introducing a US-wide abortion ban.

Trump did not rule out violence in the event of his election defeat. “I believe that we will have a great election victory and I believe there will be no violence,” he said, adding: “If we don't win – you know, it depends.” If he wins the election, Trump promised legal action against current President Joe Biden: “Biden will certainly be prosecuted for all his crimes, because he has committed many crimes,” said the 77-year-old, without elaborating.