Pogba knows his years of suspension

The French international of the Juventus Turin Paul Pogbapositive for testosterone in an anti-doping test carried out in August, was sentenced to four years of suspension by the Italian anti-doping court, the club told AFP this Thursday.

“We received the notification from the court this morning,” an internal Juventus source told AFP, saying they “take note” of the court’s decision.

The latter has followed the prosecutor’s request against the midfielder and 2018 world champion, in accordance with the World Anti-Doping Code.

When contacted by AFP, the Italian anti-doping court has not responded at this time.

Pobga, 30, tested positive in August 2023, in a test carried out on the occasion of the match between Udinese and Juventus on the first day of the Italian championship, in which he did not participate.

The midfielder, whose 2022-2023 season was marked by injuries and non-sporting problems, was provisionally suspended on September 11, before a new test that he himself requested confirmed less than a month later the presence of testosterone metabolites.

To explain this positive result in the anti-doping test, the player’s entourage stated that the testosterone metabolites came from a dietary supplement prescribed by a doctor whom the player consulted in the United States.

Testosterone, a hormone of male fertility and sexuality, promotes muscle development.