Phenol peeling: what it consists of and what experts recommend

He ''with phenol It is much more than a common aesthetic treatment. It is a profound technique that promises to rejuvenate the skin, but what are its secrets and dangers? Elio Galanan expert in aesthetic medicine, shared in La Mesa Caliente details such as what its risks and consequences are.

“We are talking about a deeply exfoliating aesthetic treatment that It uses a chemical called phenolic acid. It is applied to the skin and completely crosses the layers of the skin and will apparently trigger the skin to be restored, making it look healthier, brighter and more youthful,” Elio began detailing.

As a doctor and as an expert, the benefits it has are very equidistant from the apparent reality that the patient has, there are burns, there may be infections, there may be depigmentation of the skin.”

Elio Galan

What is the 'peeling'with phenol?

Imagine a process that cuts through the layers of your skin, triggering a transformation that makes you look more radiant and youthful. That is precisely what the 'peeling' with phenol, using a chemical called phenolic acid. But, as Elio warns us, The benefits may come with risks.

Risks and benefits

From burns to infections, the 'peeling' with phenol can have unforeseen consequences. However, for many, the results are worth it. Are you willing to take a risk for brighter, healthier skin?

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