People: Boat parade for Trump’s 78th birthday

The advanced age of his opponent Joe Biden is a constant topic in the presidential election campaign – but Donald Trump is no longer the youngest either. Today is the Republican’s birthday.

Former US President Donald Trump turns 78 today – and is spending the weekend in Michigan, where he will campaign at an event organized by an ultra-right lobby group on Saturday, among other things. On the same day, supporters of the Republican will hold a boat parade in his honor. Although the presidential candidate will not be attending the event on Lake St. Clair near Detroit, the local newspaper “Macomb Daily” reported. The organizers are nevertheless expecting around 1,000 boats, tugboats, seaplanes, helicopters and drones decorated in Trump’s style.

Trump was still in the parliamentary quarters of the US Congress yesterday – the first time since the violent storming of the Capitol by his supporters in January 2021. Meetings with various party colleagues in the capital Washington were about the common political line in the election year. Trump was also presented with a birthday cake by Republican senators. On it were burning candles in the shape of the numbers 45 and 47 – Trump was the 45th President of the United States and would be the 47th President if re-elected.

In all likelihood, the election in November will be between two men of senior age. Incumbent Joe Biden, who wants to remain president, is 81 years old. Recently, the Democrat’s blunders and slip-ups have been making negative headlines. Trump and other Republicans regularly exploit this for their own ends.

“Save yourself – Don’t vote for Trump” – art action in Hamburg

The artist Volker-Johannes Trieb congratulates the renewed presidential candidate in a special way: The Osnabrück artist, together with helpers, hung 50 lifebuoys on a bridge in front of the US Consulate General in Hamburg’s Speicherstadt.

The campaign’s motto was “Save yourself” and a large banner read: “America, save yourself – don’t vote for Trump”. The 50 lifebuoys are meant to represent the 50 US states. Each ring has a term for an important element in social coexistence or democracy that is currently threatened by Trump.

Around 1900, Hamburg was one of the most important European emigration ports, with hundreds of thousands of people boarding ships here bound for America. Among them was Donald Trump’s grandfather, who left Germany for New York in 1905.