Panama Immigration deports 702 foreigners in 2023

CITY OF PANAMA.- 702 foreign of different nationalities were deported and expelled from Panama during the year 2023, as reported by the Ministry of Public Security. In this sense, it was indicated that the inspectors took the measures because these people incurred “immigration offenses within Panamanian territory and because they constitute a threat to collective security.”

According to Panama, the most common causes for which foreigners were deported this year were several: Having served a prison sentence; attack the security public; present false documentation; evade checkpoints, and have a criminal record.

In a statement, the National Migration Service (SNM) indicated that the deportees “were subjected to the corresponding process for the benefit of the security of the country and the region, with the majority coming from the migratory flow that enters from Colombia, however, “They did not meet the requirements for transit through our country.”

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Likewise, the SNM announced that, on the last flight of the year, number 25, there were deported 11 people of Colombian nationality. The flight departed from Panama Pacifico International Airport.

Panama applies plan

In October of this year, Panama and Costa Rica began to implement a joint plan to prevent hundreds of migrants crossing the continent from agglomerating in the border area in overcrowded conditions.

“This is the extension of the humanitarian corridor that begins in the province of Darién through operation Controlled Flow,” said María Isabel Saravia, deputy director of the National Immigration Service of Panama.


FOUNTAIN: Ministry of Public Security and National Immigration Service of Panama / La Prensa