Ovidio Guzmán Case: Does 'El Ratón' plan to negotiate with the United States? This we know

The defense of Ovidio Guzmán López, the Mouseson of Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán, who is being held in an Illinois prison, could be considering negotiating with the United States government in exchange for a less severe sentence.

According to the Weekly Ríodocehe Guzmán López's lawyer, Jeffrey Lichtmancommented to the media that Ovidio is “calm” waiting for a fair trial, although he did not offer more details about what his strategy will be like, nor the possibility of an agreement with the US authorities.

According to the news blog Borderland Beata letter supposedly sent by himself Chapo Guzman In May 2023 he asks his children who are still free “Be smart and negotiate with the US, because it is the only way out”.

“I miss all 'my kings' so much. It is very difficult here, but I have faith that a good agreement can be reached“I need you to pay more attention to the lawyer,” the alleged letter reads.

“For now, keep a low profile as much as possible. They must go unnoticed like ghosts so that no one speaks. They will have to wait a few months for the waters to calm down and try to avoid scandals,” adds the boss in his letter.

However, Mike Vigilformer undercover DEA agent in Mexico, said in an interview for the Sonoran publication that sees an agreement between the children of Guzmán Loera and the US governmentespecially due to the persecution that exists against Los Chapitoswhom the neighboring country blames for fentanyl trafficking on its side of the border.

Vigil commented that, in the case of Ovidio, he sees it even more complicated, since he believes that his brothers plan for the 33-year-old capo to collaborate with the authorities, so they have already changed their house, telephone numbers and even the location of their clandestine laboratories.

When will Ovidio Guzmán's next hearing be?

According to information from Ríodoceduring the hearing held on Monday, March 18, in which he was present The mouseUS government advisors reported that they are still in the process of gather more wiretap recordingswhich will be delivered to the defense of the drug trafficker.

Regarding the case, which remains “sealed,” they limited themselves to indicating that the defense lawyers continue with the review of the evidence presented by the prosecution. In this sense, the judge of the Northern District of Illinois, Sharon Johnson Coleman, scheduled the next hearing for June 17 Ovidio Guzmán López.