Oscar Awards 2024: Wrestler John Cena enters the stage naked

He was supposed to announce the award for best costume design: At the Oscars, wrestler John Cena took the stage naked. There was a reason for that.

Played speedster incident in Hollywood: Wrestling star John Cena appeared naked at the Oscar Gala on Monday night for the award for best costume design. “Costumes are very important,” said the 46-year-old dryly as he held the large envelope in front of his crotch and otherwise only wore Birkenstocks.

The eye-catching appearance in collaboration with presenter Jimmy Kimmel was reminiscent of a scandal 50 years ago. In 1974, a speedster ran across the Oscar stage while David Niven was presenting. The TV audience of 1970s America was surprised, many were shocked that something like this could happen.

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Oscars 2024: Moderator jokes about Donald Trump

Jimmy Kimmel spoke out against former US President Donald Trump in his presentations. During the show, the 56-year-old read a message that Trump had published on his Truth Social network. “I just received a review,” Kimmel said, then quoted. “'Has there ever been a worse host than Jimmy Kimmel at the Oscars.'”

Kimmel then read some more of the insults and ended his summary with “blablabla – make America great again.” “Let's see if you can guess which former president just posted this on Truth Social?” Kimmel asked, getting a lot of laughs from the audience.

“Thank you, President Trump. Thanks for watching. I'm surprised you're still…” Kimmel said, then asked in a play on words: “Isn't it passed your jail time?” An allusion to the expression “past your bedtime”, which is used to express that children have to go to bed because the time is late, but with the English word for prison. “He just concentrates on the important things.”