Orphan: the word that could define those who have lost a child

The renowned driver Rocío Sánchez Azuara He visited the La Mesa Caliente program to talk about his solidarity projects. During the interview, Sánchez Azuara opened his heart and shared how he has channeled his pain into helping those who need it most.

“Every day we do something different and we provide support to girls whose mothers are single and who leave them in shelters. We even have single mothers who do not even have the means to pay for a hospital. Legal issues, every day we deal with same topics!, explained the host, highlighting her commitment to various social causes.

Besides, Sánchez Azuara reflected on his healing process after the loss of his daughter four years ago. “I try to capitalize and always make positive even the negative: my own pain. I share the processes that I experienced with my daughter, they were 20 years of struggle. I lost her physically 4 years ago, but I have experienced an interesting healing process that “I love sharing through the programs because there are many people who are going through a situation equal to mine or worse,” he expressed sincerely.

In this context, the EFE agency reports on the initiative of the Spanish Federation of Parents of Children with Cancer to include the word “orphan” in the dictionary, which defines those who have lost a child. This proposal seeks to give emotional and administrative visibility to a painful and difficult situation for parents to assimilate.

“Those realities that are not named are difficult to face and easy to make invisible,” he explains. Victoria Carrazonispokesperson for the federation. The word “orphan” comes from Latin and means “loss of child”, and its inclusion in the dictionary would contribute to recognizing this state from an administrative and emotional point of view.

The Spanish Federation of Parents of Children with Cancer is mobilizing society and the media to use the term “orophile” when referring to parents who have lost a child, regardless of the cause and age. In addition, they request specialized psychological treatment for orphans, recognizing the depth of pain they face.

This initiative, supported by personalities such as Carlos Hipólito, Ana Belén and Juan Echanove, seeks to sRaise awareness about the importance of recognizing and supporting those who are going through the pain of losing a child. The inclusion of the word “orphan” in the dictionary would be an important step towards greater understanding and empathy towards this painful reality.

(With information from EFE)