Opposite Trump Court: Man sets himself on fire

The motives are still unclear: While Donald Trump is sitting in a courthouse in New York, a man sets himself on fire in the park opposite and succumbs to his injuries. According to witnesses, he is said to have previously distributed conspiracy theories via leaflets.

A man who set himself on fire in a park in front of the courthouse in New York during the criminal trial of former US President Donald Trump is dead, according to US media reports. The 37-year-old died of his injuries in hospital, according to several US media on Saturday night (local time), citing police sources.

According to media reports and eyewitnesses, the man, who is from the US state of Florida, had thrown leaflets into the air before the crime on Friday that mentioned various conspiracy theories. There was initially no official information about his motives.

Trump trial in New York: man sets himself on fire in front of passers-by

According to reports, the man had doused himself with a liquid and set it on fire in front of passers-by. Some US media broadcast live footage of the incident. Some eyewitnesses are said to have tried to help. Finally, police and court security forces came running and extinguished the flames.

The man was then carried into an ambulance and driven away. Police described his condition as critical after the incident. The man was pronounced dead in the hospital, NBC reported, citing police. However, the police did not give an exact time of death.

The incident occurred at Collect Pond Park, directly across from the courthouse where Trump's criminal trial is currently taking place. The courthouse is largely cordoned off and numerous police officers are on constant duty there. Dozens of media representatives with cameras and broadcast vans took positions all around.

Opponents and supporters of Trump are allowed to gather in the park for demonstrations, but so far only a few have done so on the days of the trial. The area is cordoned off with barricades all around, but also has open entrances.