One year after lifting Title 42: the US reported 690 thousand migrants

The United States has deported 690 thousand migrants since the Joe Biden Administration lifted Title 42 in May of last year, the policy established by the Donald Trump Government (2017-2021) that allowed 'hot' returns of undocumented immigrants to Mexico, the authorities reported this Thursday.

The Democratic Government has insisted during these last eleven months that The end of Title 42 does not mean that the southern border is open to irregular immigration and that those people who do not have a legal basis to enter the country continue to be expelled.

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) spokesperson Luis Miranda explained that between May 12, 2023 and April 17 of this year 690 thousand people were deported, the vast majority of them migrants who crossed the border with Mexico without permission.

According to Miranda, last year was the year with the highest number of expulsions since 2011.

The spokesperson tried to deny the “misinformation” that spreads on social networks, according to which it is easy to cross the border and warned that in reality “rapid” expulsion processes are being applied.

He also pointed out that those people seeking asylum and can remain in the country, it will take more than 150 days to obtain a work permit.

What do presidential candidates Trump and Biden say about the issue of migration?

Migration has become a central issue in the campaign the presidential elections on November 5 between Biden and Trump, given that Republicans accuse the Democratic Government of having an open border policy and generating an “invasion” of migrants.

Last year A record number of more than two million arrests were recorded on the border with Mexicoor, in the midst of a global increase in the movement of people, motivated by the search for better economic opportunities in the United States and fleeing different social and political crises in America and other places in the world.