No surprise in New Hampshire: Donald Trump and Joe Biden win primary elections heading into the presidential dispute

The former president of the United States, Donald Trump, won the primary elections of New Hampshire, this Tuesday, January 23, which strengthens his control over the republican presidential nomination and reinforces the probability of a revenge against President Joe Biden at the end of 2024.

The result was a setback for the former UN ambassador Nikki Haley , who invested time and financial resources to win the state. She is the latest major rival in the presidential race, after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis ended his presidential bid over the weekend.

Haley campaigned as the only alternative to Trump and intensified her criticism of the former president, questioning his mental acuity and presenting herself as a unifying candidate that would mark the beginning of a generational change.

Trump can now boast of being the first Republican presidential candidate to win open elections in Iowa and New Hampshire since both states began leading the electoral calendar in 1976, a sign surprising how quickly Republicans have come together to him to make him their candidate for the third election.

By scoring easy victories in the first two states, Trump is demonstrating his ability to firmly unite the factions of the Republican Party behind him. He has won support from evangelical conservatives who are influential in Iowa and more voters. New Hampshire moderatesa force he hopes to replicate as the primaries rapidly expand to the rest of the United States.

Joe Biden goes for the Democrats: he triumphs in the New Hampshire primaries

President Joe Biden won the New Hampshire Democratic primary in a write-in effort after the state party moved forward with its own race. Biden did not appear on the ballot; However, his allies helped him defeat a series of little-known rivals.

Trump’s position in the race has drawn attention because he faces 91 criminal charges, from seeking to overturn the 2020 presidential election to mishandling classified documents. He left the White House in 2021 following a grim insurrection at the US Capitol, led by his supporters seeking stop certification of Biden’s victory. Trump was the first president to be impeached twice.

Biden faces his own challenges, albeit of different magnitude. There is widespread concern about her age at 81 years. He is also increasing dissent within his party over Biden’s alliance with Israel in its war against Hamas, putting the position at risk of the president in swing states like Michigan.