Nikki Haley: This is what happens next for the anti-Trump Republican

Nikki Haley is the Republican of the moment – also because she is not all that similar to Donald Trump. She is unlikely to become a presidential candidate, but perhaps number two. The next few weeks are crucial.

Show me your enemies and I’ll tell you how dangerous you are. If that motto existed, Nikki Haley would be on the right track. At the fourth TV debate between the Republican presidential candidates in the USA, she bundled almost all the insults and insults. Her male opponents accused her of being corrupt, belligerent and even fascist. But instead of getting bogged down in petty contradictions, she enjoyed the spotlight: “I’m happy about all the attention, guys – thank you very much for that.”

She survived Donald Trump unscathed

No question: Nikki Haley, 51 years old, from the state of South Carolina, is the woman of the hour. And the hope of all conservatives who can’t stand Donald Trump. She once served under him as US ambassador to the United Nations – and was one of the very few who managed the feat of neither falling out with the US president nor with the rest of the country. That’s why she is now on the election campaign stages in the USA and enchants the hearts of traditional Republicans time and again.

Since the race for the next conservative presidential candidate has opened, it’s really just been about who comes in second behind the old and new favorite Donald Trump. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was long considered a promising candidate. But he sabotages himself with stiff performances and unnecessary culture clashes – while Nikki Haley is on the verge of overtaking him as number two.

With billion-dollar sponsors behind us

It’s not enough to be at the top, and Donald Trump is almost unassailable in the lead with approval ratings of around 60 percent. But the spot directly behind would perhaps qualify her for the post of vice presidential candidate. With the billion-dollar Koch family, a more than powerful financial backer is already supporting her. It should also be of interest to female voters and non-white Americans. Nikki Haley is the daughter of Indian immigrants.

The first clear indication about the The future of the Republican presidential candidates will be announced on January 15th give. Then the internal party primaries begin in the USA and with them the first phase of the presidential election campaign.

The primaries will soon be happening in quick succession

  • If none of the candidates drop out in the coming weeks, we will Start of the so-called primaries in Iowa There are around a handful of names on the ballot papers. Haley is not considered the favorite in the first vote; the state is too conservative for that. But After that, the field of applicants should clear up quickly.

  • Just a week later, New Hampshire will vote on January 23rda more moderate state where Donald Trump’s popularity ratings have recently declined and Haley’s has increased.

  • The cycle continues state by state, until March 5th, the so-called Super Tuesday pending. This Tuesday, voting will take place in 16 states at the same time, including states as populous as California and Texas. After that the preliminary decision should be made and It is clear who will be the official presidential candidate in the White House race.

This will probably again be former President Donald Trump, as in the previous two elections. Although he has to face numerous accusations in various trials, the past few weeks have shown that the legal proceedings are more beneficial to him than harmful. Presumably because they underline his “me against the rest of the world” image.

At the The Americans will decide on Tuesday, November 5th then about whether they want to keep their current President Joe Biden or give the former one a new chance.

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