New York subway shooting: Mexican dies from stray bullet, consul confirms

The person who died this Monday, February 12, during a shooting in the subway of New York City, United States, he was mexicanconfirmed Jorge Islas, Mexican Consul in the city.

Through his social networks, the diplomat noted that the victim reported as The deceased was of Puebla origin.

“Unfortunately, yesterday (Monday) afternoon, a compatriot from Tehuacán, Puebla died from a stray bullet in the subway station. Mount Eden, Bronx”, he noted.

Given this, he explained that the representation of Mexico has already contacted the family members to provide them with their support. “I personally expressed our condolences to his family and I offered the support and consular advice at our disposal“, wrote.

How did the shooting in the New York subway start?

This Monday, one person died and five others were injured after a dispute between two groups of teenagers in a New York subway station at the beginning of the evening rush hour, authorities reported.

The shooting broke out on a subway platform in the Bronx district, around 4:30 in the afternoona time when stations across the city are packed with children returning home from school and many workers begin their evening commute home.

A 34-year-old man was killed, police said. Among the injured there is a a 14-year-old girl and a 15-year-old boy, and three adults aged 28, 29 and 71 years old. It is believed that some of the victims were involved in the dispute and others were waiting for the train to pass, authorities said, adding that four of the injured are in serious condition.

“We do not believe this was a random shooting. We do not believe this was an individual shooting indiscriminately at a train or a train station,” New York Police Department Transit Director Michael Kemper said at a news conference.

“This incident occurred as a result of two groups beginning to fight while on a train.” he said. The shooting began when the train arrived at the station, he added, hitting people who were on the platform.

“The doors opened and at least one of the individuals in that group, or in both groups, “He pulled out a gun and fired shots,” Kemper said. “People started running to get off the train onto the platform and more shots were fired on the platform.”

The police are looking for at least one of the attackers, who fled.

With information from AP