New Year and fireworks: Discover how to alleviate the nightmare of pets

Firecrackers, rockets, or fireworks, it doesn’t matter what they are called. These fireworks, so common at large events and New Year’s parties, are recognized by veterinarians as one of the worst nightmares for domestic animals, which commonly hide, tremble in fear, run away, become disoriented, and even suffer from extreme palpitations. .

And the fact is that, although pyrotechnics are regulated, this is not enough to mitigate the trade in such explosive devices that, when they are for domestic and recreational use, can be launched even in the streets of neighborhoods without further precautions.

“Thanks to various studies we know that the impact of fireworks affects, among other things, the auditory sense of animals. For example, I specialize in dogs, and the distance at which a dog can hear is four times that of a man. That is, their hearing is four times more tuned than ours and can register 35,000 vibrations per second,” Laura Torrente, a dog grooming expert and leader of Kisses And Paws, told DIARIO LAS AMÉRICAS. daycare, hotel and dog grooming.

“December 31st due to fireworks can be a frightening and stressful experience for pets. Noise can cause extreme anxiety, fear and a lot of confusion in dogs, which is why many of them begin to cry or bark excessively. Some even try to escape from the place, and that also affects the humans who accompany them,” added Stefhany Valero de Torrente, Laura’s partner and sister-in-law.

For both experts, there are certain tricks that are used in grooming and that can be useful to calm dogs at this time. For example, the popular happy hoodie, a kind of balaclava for dogs’ ears, with this popular item they combat the fear and sensitivity of dogs caused by the noise of the hair dryer.

And of course, another recommendation is that they spend as much time as possible with their pets that day. “Play before they start setting off fireworks. Running, walking and playing tires them out and that will help them relieve stress,” they recommended.

Tips to protect dogs during fireworks:

  • Keep your dog in a safe place. If possible, in a quiet room away from outside noise. “The idea is to find a comfortable space where he is surrounded by his usual toys, food, water, and some familiar sounds,” they advised.
  • Do not leave your dog outside the house as it may try to escape or bite itself due to extreme anxiety.
  • If possible, join him during the fireworks show.
  • Close all windows, blinds and doors to mitigate outside noise.
  • If he gets very nervous, try not to stress out so he can see that nothing is happening.
  • Remember that to give him any sedative you must consult your veterinarian, since any medicine must be administered according to the character, weight, and habits.

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