Moments of terror in the New York subway after a shooting

NEW YORK – A man is in very serious condition after being shot several times on Thursday on a train from meter from the city of NY arriving at a busy downtown Brooklyn station, triggering panic among evening rush-hour commuters.

He shooting It came a week after Gov. Kathy Hochul sent the National Guard into the subway system to help police search people for weapons following a series of serious crimes on city trains. .

According to authorities, Thursday's shooting involved two men who had had a confrontation, and then got into a fight, on board a moving train shortly before 4:45 in the afternoon.

One of the men, who police said was 36 years old, pulled out and brandished a gun. The other individual, 32 years old, grabbed the gun and fired it at the person with whom he was arguing, according to Michael Kemper, Chief of Traffic for the Police Department.

He shooting It took place at a stop in the center of Brooklyn in which the police NY It has a small office. Police officers were on the platform and quickly arrested the shooter.

The injured person is extremely serious. Neither man was identified.

A video posted on social media by an ABC News journalist who was aboard the train at the time of the events showed passengers crouching on the ground while officers could be heard shouting on the platform.

“The real victims are the people I saw in those videos, who were having a distressing time because they were on a train with someone who had a weapon,†said the president of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Janno Lieber, in a press conference. of press.

Witnesses told police that the 36-year-old man who was seriously injured was acting aggressively aboard the train before the fight broke out, Kemper said.